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Joining the Deal Makers group is a worthy experience. Now that you know what is in it for you, we also show here the successful properties our members have attained. We provide certificates to honor your work and achievement. You can attain this too! Here are a few of them.

Showing You Here are the Properties Our Members Purchased through the Deal Makers Program/Group

Access Potential Deals

(Off Market & MLS)

Source OFF MARKET DEALS from ChicagoDealVault and from our fellow realtors and brokers that often have both buyers and sellers list. Receive MLS DEALS on a daily basis that are already scheduled for SHOWING and all you need to do is review the ANALYSIS REPORT then attend to showing for deals that work for you.

Receive showing schedules with Analysis Reports to YOUR Email, FB Group Whats App and SMS.

Buying Tour

We TAKE you to see OFF MARKET Properties that we already have under contract. Our experienced IN-HOUSE Brokers will conduct showing both Live In-Person and Virtual!

Virtual Property Showings

We know all of you are busy and going to the property in person might be too much of a hassle. You have the option to attend VIRTUALLY. Watch the showing live at your fingertips through your phone or on a computer. We are doing this for your comfort and to make every deal accessible to our members.

Failed to attend showing? Don’t worry, we got you covered. It is recorded! Replay will be sent to all members! It is also accessible to each of the Deal Markers Portal account.

Secure Funding and Establish Partnerships (Joint Ventures)

Our reliable HARD MONEY and PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS who have been partners with us for the longest time has vouched up to millions to assist us in funding. So, even if you do not have money or you have money, we help you fill in the gap for the missing pieces.

Exclusive Access to Our Power Team

We have a pool of General Contractors, Inspectors, Plumbers and Electricians that are very much willing to provide written quotes EVEN BEFORE YOU CLOSE YOUR DEALS.

It’s about time that you join the Deal Makers Group! Newbies or Seasoned Investors, Wholesalers, Flippers and all Real Estate Professionals who want to build a Million Dollar Empire. You are all welcome! You can schedule a one-on-one meeting with Hugo to know more!


Have a Support Network and Mentors on your team that can make all the difference in the world between success and failure.

Hugo Galicia is a managing broker since 2005. He was a regular individual who only does part-time in real estate. Decided to go full time in 2016 after losing his job. That year became the start of his real estate journey. Together with his wife, Frieda Lila, they co-founded ChicagoDealVault. It is one of the leading real estate automation software in Illinois. It wasn’t enough, he felt he needed to share his experiences and knowledge in real estate. He created the DealVault Academy which was a HUGE SUCCESS and now the DEAL MAKERS GROUP!

  • Has a 7-figure rental portfolio.
  • Currently doing primarily flips and rentals.
  • Has raised hundreds of thousands in private money.
  • Is really passionate about helping real estate investors become more successful.

Hugo Galicia

Access to “Experienced and Top Mentor”

Hugo’s book


The long wait is over! We are so excited to announce that Hugo’s book entitled “How to Go From Learning to Earning in the Next 90 Days: Real Estate Investing Blueprint” is finally completed. Every page of this book talks about Hugo’s real-life experiences and struggles that many people starting in real estate will relate to. This book will also teach you the practical and proven strategies that real estate investors across the globe are using to build significant cash flow with rental properties.

What Value Will You Get?


Access Potential Deals (Buying Tour)

Access Potential Deals (Dedicated In-house Broker)

Secure Funding (Hard Money / Private Funding Broker)

Establish Partnerships (Joint Ventures)

Exclusive Access to Our POWER Team


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I am inviting you to a One-on-One meeting with me via Zoom or in person.

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